Redemptive Realities

Theological words convey images. However, many people hear them without understanding not only their deeper nuances, but even their basic meaning. But add a story to go with the term, and the concept becomes clear and memorable. I have written a series of Bible studies on theological words that create images of our great Redemption. I use Bible narrative to demonstrate each one. For example, for adoption, I use the story of King David and Mephibosheth.  In doing so, I take lofty concepts like penal  substitutionary atonement, justification and propitiation, and make them understandable, memorable and practical.

This series can be used as a personal devotional which can start at any time of the year, or it can be the basis of Bible studies for small groups or family devotions.

My goal is to demystify theological words. Sadly, today much of the church is spiritually illiterate. Learning about different facets of the gospel deepens our love for our Saviour and gives us a greater appreciation of what He has accomplished for us.

Pia Thompson


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